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davidcturnleyIraq91David C. Turnley is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and filmmaker. He won his Pulitzer for his coverage of all the revolution in 1989, including the Fall of the Berlin Wall and Tienanmen Square in China. He was a runner-up for the Pulitzer four other times. He has also won the World press Picture of the year twice, the prestigious Robert Capa Award for Courage, and four Overseas Press Club Awards.

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Best Tips for Clicking Perfect Photographs

photography1Photography can be considered as the best form of art that is helpful in capturing the things that you see around in your perspective. There are chances for this to be captured in the best possible way only when you are following certain tips. There are some issues which are common when you are about to capture a photograph irrespective of you being an experienced photographer or a beginner. It is important for the individuals to get nature-photography-art-black-and-whitetheir photographs captured in the most beautiful way by the following tips… Understand the tips and implemented them in appropriate manner.

Following the Rule of Thirds:

When you are composing the ruleofthirdspicture, make sure that you are following the rule of third so that you get the focal point on the center square. There are some images that are captured off the focus. It can be really good to look at in the case of only certain images but in most of the cases, it can be pleasing and interesting for the eye when the photographer is following the rule of three. There are various things that can be considered as the best thing which can make the photograph captured in the best way.

Avoiding the Camera Shake:

Camera shake or blurring of photograph is something that can ruin Camera_shakea photograph. You can avoid blurred images if you are able to hold the camera properly. Use both hands to hold the camera. Use one hand around the whole body of the camera and you can use the other one near to the lens. You should be holding the camera closer to body for supporting. It is also important for making use of shutter speed that matches with the focal length of lens. For the lens with focal length of 100mm, it is required to use shutter speed that should not be lower to that of 1/100 that of one second. It is also good to use monopod or tripod whenever they are required. It is also good to use wall or tree for stabilizing the camera.

Sunny 16 – Rule:

This is the rule which can be useful for predicting how camera can be metered for the camera on the day in a sunny outdoor. In such a context, you can make use of shutter speed of 1/100th of one second and aperture f /16. It is also required to have sunny-16-rule2sharp image that is neither over nor under exposed. This is the rule that is useful if you do not have a light meter that is functioning or if the camera does not have LCD screen so that you can review image.

Usage of Polarizing filter:

How-to-Use-Polarizing-Filters-in-PhotographyIf you are able to but only a single filter for the lens of your camera, it is better for you to get a polarizer. This filter can be helpful in reducing the reflections that can occur from glass, metal and also water. This can help in improving colors of foliage and sky. It also can protect lens.