Tyler Tyler
Is the Dalai Lama also a Dave?

Megan Megan
I doubt it.


David C. Turnley is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and filmmaker. He won his Pulitzer for his coverage of all the revolution in 1989, including the Fall of the Berlin Wall and Tienanmen Square in China. He was a runner-up for the Pulitzer four other times. He has also won the World press Picture of the year twice, the prestigious Robert Capa Award for Courage, and four Overseas Press Club Awards.

This used to be one of Dave’s websites, but he decided to let it go, so it expired and lay dormant for a while. Now at the moment, the new owner (who has an interest in photography) hasn’t really decided what to do with it, yet. So to make your visit not an entire waste, here are a few posts about photography basics.

Hector Hector
Photography basics?

Megan Megan
I just use my phone.